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​"In January 2015 I was unable to walk without crutches. I was visiting New Zealand at that time, and friends recommended I try an osteopath. I thought, nothing had changed after months of various therapist, but in desperation I went. After only 2 visits I was walking on my own again. Before I returned home I found Matt had recently started his practice in Mount Pearl. Never before had anyone explained my back in a way that I could understand the connection to my nerves, muscles and bones, and all by observing, and examining without even an X-ray. Within a couple of months I was back to a level of health I had not know for 20 years. Friends and family are amazed at the difference and I continue to spread this good news story that might help others who think they have no choice but live with pain , medication and surgery is their only option."

- Cynthia Russell

"During my Registered nursing career I had more than one injury ( neck,back)
that I managed to endure with the treatment from chiropractor, massage and medication. In 2013 a motorcycle accident put my injuries past the point of being able to work at all for over 3 years. Last year I got back for short shifts in a different area and half time. My life was work and rest on days off. Chronic pain consumed all my activities. This past summer a friend suggested I see Dr. Gibbons. visit and within a week my life had made a huge turn around. I have gone from biweekly massage appointments to monthly. No chiropractor appointments and most importantly no pain medication!! All while I am living as close to a normal life as I’ve had for many years. For the first time in 5 years I danced at our Christmas party. Not once but the whole night ( I wore heels). I have my life back and so grateful to have found Dr. Gibbons!"

- Anonymous

"As osteopathy is a new concept to me Dr. Gibbons was very thorough explaining what he doing and there theory behind it. He was very professional and knowledgeable. I will be recommending him to friends and family"

- TD


"I was very skeptical when I first heard of osteopathy. 

I had tried massage therapy, chiropractic therapy, and physiotherapy, but nothing really helped my neck, back, and shoulder pain from chronic shoulder instability and dislocation. After only two weeks of small exercises, the pain in my neck was practically gone. I didn't have the urge to crack my neck anymore, and the numb and itchy spots on my upper back had disappeared. It has greatly improved my quality of life in such a short amount of time, especially when others said it would take months of expensive treatments, and possibly surgery to fix. Sonya also treated things that I didn't even know were affecting my body (and my balance). My body feels much more stable and connected now, instead of tense and in pain."

- Laura Stoodley


"Sonya, I never thought I could sleep a whole night without back pain. What you do is so amazing! There aren’t words to describe how grateful I am for your care."

- Katie Sooley


"I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis years ago, and have lost significant control of the right side of my body. Working one-on-one with Sonya over the past few months has helped me improve my strength and agility in a short period of time. I’ve gained independence and I feel like my quality of life has improved. My visits with her have impressed my neurologist who sees an overall improvement of my MS symptoms." 

- Cynthia B. 

"As always, after 30 minutes with Matt my chronic pain level goes way down! Amazing what his treatments do!! Matt is always excellent from nerve pain to pulled muscles, always works much better than physio!!!

I have had severe chronic pain for 6 years and every doctor told me it was something I had to learn to live with for the rest of my life. I saw Matt after being referred by a friend and after 1 hour with him, I walked out of there feeling the best I've felt in 6 years. Amazing and wonderful are the two words to describe my experience. I finally know that I don't have to live with an excruciating level of pain for the rest of my life."

- Anonymous


"Excellent. If you are looking for a doctor whose medical knowledge is encyclopaedic, treats the whole person, and takes the time to be caring enough to answer all your questions and concerns, then Dr Gibbons is someone you should consider visiting. We need more anti-drug pushing medical professionals like Matt, who focus more on treatment and cure rather than prescribing harmful drug therapy or unnecessary surgery. (In addition to treating my MV accident injuries, he "cured" my daughter's TMJ in 4 visits.) So, before considering a "band-aid" treatment for your health concern, consider paying a visit to Dr Gibbons first."

- Harve Heath 

"I've known Matt for a number of years and always valued his knowledge and expertise! Last Christmas I was in a car accident and suffered whiplash and was unable to train without pain and discomfort. I went to a chiropractor which honestly didn't do anything! I then contacted Matt and booked in an appointment. With a couple sessions I was able to get back to the gym and began training with absolutely no pain! I highly recommend him in any injury or mobility issues you may have!"

- Christopher Russell

"I had an mva, after countless massage and physiotherapy I went to see Matt three visits and bunch of key exercises and pain stays away given that I continue with the exercises.

Thanks Matt."

- Bernard Doyle

"Very professional, very knowledgeable .... If you want to help heal yourself come see Matt . Most practitioners never explain what is wrong but Matt makes your problem

Make sense .... when you do your prescribed exercises you Understand how it is supposed to help you .... And help you it will !"

- Lane Warren Greenslade

"After 18 months of chronic pain,I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, finally a title for my daily agony. The last two years since then have been trying to pace myself throughout the day, everything was a chore! Going to a party, hanging out with friends past 10 pm, a bunch of pain pills, heading pad, muscle relaxants and other meds to try and keep me comfortable. I heard about Osteopaths and what they could do for this painful disease, luckily Matt came to the province at the right time! I might have been misdiagnosed but with 6 or 7 sessions over a few months has brought me to a pain free daily routine! A few daily exercises and an occasional follow up appointment and I have ditched ALL my pain meds! I have my life back, I can go get groceries without bringing someone with me, I can go for hours at a party, go for walks!..... No words can express my gratitude..."

- Catherine O'Keefe

"Had a number of issues with shoulders, back, and knees and Matt helped me phenomenally."

- Steve Kirby


"After seeing a pediatrician for help with our sons fine motor skills, we were informed that we could be waiting to see an occupational therapist for up to 3 years. After some research the word Osteopath came up, we knew that Matt was trained in the field and had previous discussions with him about our son. We contacted Matt for an appointment and he worked around our schedule. After only minutes into the appointment we knew that Matt had taken the time to look into what our son would need to improve his skills and help him in school. He had incredible patience working with a 6 year old and took the time to cover all areas of skills with him. We look forward to working with Matt in the future and a continually grateful for his passion and knowledge."

- Amanda Soper – 5 star


"I came to Matt's clinic on the recommendation of a friend who had been using Matt's services for an extended period of time. I had chronic pain in my left knee which was adversely affecting my day to day life during work and leisure. I have had this issue for years and was skeptical that anything could be done to remedy it but given how highly my friend spoke of his abilities I booked an appointment. Within minutes of sitting down in Matt's office and describing the problem which he took the time to listen and discuss with me at great length it was apparent very quickly that he possesses extensive and through understanding of his field. Matt provided me with almost immediate relief through several movements/exercises, and instructed me how I could practice them at home to continue the healing process. I have had my knee temporarily fixed by other practitioners before but it has always come back within days if not hours but Matt knew what the root problem was and instead of treating the symptoms, he treated the cause. Within two sessions and some time spent on it myself at home my knee has never felt better and I have yet to have a single mobility issue since seeing Matt. Matt's easy going attitude, professional demeanor and ability for him to translate the complex systems and mechanisms of the human body into layman's terms so one can easily understand what they are afflicted with greatly helped me with the overall process to recovery. I highly recommend Matt's services to anyone."

- Stephen Lantos – 5 Star

Melissa Lynch – 5 Star

Melissa Karen – 5 Star


Andy George – 5 Star


Dawn Moriarity – 5 Star


Greg Tobin – 5 Star


Robert Wall – 5 Star


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