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  • What is osteopathic manual therapy?
    Osteopathy was the first modality to combine many specialized areas of hands-on treatment. It was created in 1874 and has maintained its reputation as a discrete and scientifically up-to-date therapy. There are similarites to massage therapy and physiotherapy.
  • What do I have to wear?
    For your first visit it would be best to wear some loose comfortable clothing. This will make it easier for any assessment and mobilization that may be necessary prior to, or during, your treatment. Please feel free to leave on as much clothing as you feel comfortable with.
  • Will the treatment hurt?
    Briefly- no. However, it is fair to expect any injured area to feel tender. In some circumstances pain may be expected. If this is the case your therapist will explain this to you. Regardless, you are always in control of how much pressure your therapist uses and are encouraged to give as much feedback as possible to make your treatment comfortable for you.
  • How long will my treatment sessions last?
    We offer a variety of treatment times to accommodate the needs and schedules of each person. An hour for an assessment is required to take a full history to fully understand the root of your primary concern. 30 minute follow-up treatments are required to optimize your healing ability.
  • What should I expect for my first appointment?
    Please count on being with us for about 15 minutes more than your scheduled appointment time. Please try to arrive at least 10 minutes early so that you may fill out a Case History Form. After you have finished filling out the form we will ask you specific questions about your condition and perform any necessary assessment to determine the best course of treatment. Your treatment will be performed during the remaining time. Afterwards you may be given specific instructions regarding therapeutic exercises, or changes in your routine to help facilitate your recovery.
  • How long will it take for me to get better?
    This varies from person to person and has a lot to do with age, the severity of the injury, general health before the injury, the length of time the injury has been present before seeking treatment, compliance with home care instructions, and the ability to avoid aggravating factors.
  • Is manual osteopathy covered by insurance?
    Yes, manual osteopathy is covered by most insurance companies in Newfoundland subject to individual policy.
  • How much does insurance cover?
    "Manual osteopathy now has a higher insurance limit than most other health care services. This is directly related to the amazing service provided by manual osteopaths that make the profession the number one choice of Canadian patients for chronic musculoskeletal pain management. Chiro sessions are paid to a maximum of $65/hour, massage $95/hr, physio $100/hr, and OSTEOPATHY $110/hr - NAO." ​
  • Do I need a doctor’s referral?
    No. A referral from a physician is generally only required for Motor Vehicle Accident claims. All other issues can be addressed without. Feel free to contact your insurance provider for more information.
  • Can I come in for treatment if there's nothing specifically wrong?
    Yes, Feel free to contact us for treatment, whether it's for relaxation purposes or to optimize your athletic performance.
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